Mobile Cocktail Bars


Our ladies ; Betty, Gloria, Shirley and Ruby are four completely unique beautiful bespoke cocktail bars which have been designed by us to ensure that your party has the ‘WOW’ factor.




Botanical Cocktail Bar

Betty features a harlequin mirrored front and two inbuilt herb gardens.


Disco Cocktail Bar 

Goria is a mirrored bar with a rotating disco ball and laser lights. 


Tricycle Cocktail Bar

Shirley is a dazzlingly eye catching metallic mirrored tricycle bar. 


Van Cocktail Bar

Ruby is a converted 1980s ambulance turned cocktail bar 




Our drinks are original, delicious and beautifully presented using high quality spirits, homemade syrups and seasonal produce. 

If you send us a brief we will create a bespoke menu to reflect your brand or personality.