Cocktail Garden - Thursday 17th May

Christabell's Cocktails-42.jpg
Christabell's Cocktails-42.jpg

Cocktail Garden - Thursday 17th May


Make, Shake and Create delicious - and - healthy cocktails featuring seasonal, fruit, vegetables and herbs. 

Having been greeted with a Carrotita you will be introduced to the mixology table, covered with copper cocktail shakers, premium spirits, and baskets of vibrant overflowing fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

With the help of our mixologist you will create your very own perfectly balanced bespoke cocktail,  aided by our flavour wheel which illustrates which unusual flavours work together. 

Once shaken and poured, each cocktail will be turned into a visual masterpiece as we teach you how to make beautiful and original garnishes out of the produce. 



Carrotita - carrot, tequila, lime, himalayan sea salt + agave

2 x DIY Fruit n' Veg Spiked Cocktails




6:30 - 8:30pm 

Secret Location in N1   

(Price includes VAT)

* this event can be tailored and made bespoke for private parties * 

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