Party Snaps

The incredibly talented Chloe Winstanley, a graduate from Central St Martins talks to us about parties and photography….

Where did your incredible eye and passion for photography come from?

That’s so kind of you to say - there’s always room for improvement though! I first became interested in photography when I was at school. Soon after purchasing my first camera, I began to document everything happening around me. I would take my camera to all the parties I attended and it wasn’t long before people were asking me to capture friends of friends 18th, 21st etc. Photography felt really instinctive to me from the get go, and that feeling has stayed with me ever since. After school, I studied Art Direction at Central Saint Martins. My degree gave me the opportunity to explore different styles of photography, from still life to fashion, alongside the technical training required to start my own business once I graduated. 

How would you describe your photographic style? 

I would say my style is informal yet heartfelt. I like to keep things soft and I have a particular interest in composition.. My colour palette mainly compromises of colours and tones found in nature and I like to pair this with natural light wherever possible. 

What would be your top tip for capturing the character and energy of a party in one photo?

Keep it authentic. I’m always on the look out for those split second moments of magic - and as a result - I find it very hard to put my camera down incase I miss one of those moments. I’ve been known to stay at events all night - it often makes for some great photographs!

What 3 tips would you give to someone who is an aspiring photographer?

Start snapping! There’s nothing more valuable to learning from mistakes and critiquing your own work. This has helped immensely at not only building my visual style. Assist - I have assisted some brilliant photographers over the years such as Jake Curtis, who shoots for Cereal and Elle Decoration. The knowledge I’ve gained from him has been invaluable! I would especially recommend this for someone who is looking to enhance their technical abilities - be curious and ask lots of questions whilst on set! Equipment - whilst you don’t need to have expensive equipment to be a good photographer, I think investing in good lenses is key. They provide you with so much creative freedom - both in camera and in post.

Having photographed so many parties what do you see as being the main ingredient for a successful one? 

The venue. I’ve been lucky enough to capture beautiful events, such as a wedding in The Barbican Greenhouse, and I’ve noticed how the right venue just sets the tone for the day. Everything else falls into place! 

06.09.2018_FoodSummit_SohoFarmhouse_ChloëWinstanley-307 copy.jpg

Party Nails by Imarni

Imarni from Imarni Nails talks to us about how to pop with show stopping nails …

What was the inspiration behind you starting the fabulous Imarni nails?  

My inspiration came from observing the up and coming nail art industry but trying to blend it with wearable art for professionals.


Where do you get your ideas from for all your incredible nail art? 

 I can get my ideas from anywhere, like the other day I got the idea for ‘baby girl’ nails from the writing on the side of a mug!


What is your ultimate go to for a show stopping party nail? 

 During the last party season the party popper glitter nails were very popular and big gems are having another BLING revival right now.


What is the hottest nail colour for Spring / Summer?  

Bright poppy colours with embellishments are trending right now.

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Top Tipples

Adam McVoy of Holy Water tells us his tipple tips for getting your party started ….

1.) What was your inspiration to start the wonderful Holy Water?

Seeing Caterer’s seriously f**k up the drinks while still producing pieces of art for the food and wondering why they were doing the drinks in the 1st place so I took it upon myself to change the rules and 10 years later I’m proud to have done and still doing it. 

2.) What is your top tipple for getting the party started?

Everybody is different, thank goodness. I personally love a NAPA Chardonnay. As a start to an event something long and not too punchy. See below recipe which also works with vodka.

3.) Do you have a fail safe recipe for a cocktail which is easy to batch up for someone hosting a cocktail party?

50ml Gin, 50ml Pressed Pink Lady Apple Juice, 15ml Elderflower liqueur, 15ml Pressed Cucumber, 5ml Gooseberry Vinegar. Do the math to batch up & serve over cubed with a cucumber headband and lemon thyme. 


30ml Tequila Reposado, 20ml Mezcal, 60ml Pink Grapefruit Juice, 20ml Cardamon syrup, 5ml lime juice. Pinch smoked sea salt. Shake & Dbl statin long over cubed. Garnish with half smoked salt rim, grapefruit zest

4.) What’s your secret ingredient for creating a memorable evening?

A really good Mezcal, a great DJ and some new moves.

5.) Whats your favourite cocktail bar in London?

I would recommend one of the 5 star hotel bars (The Connaught, Artesian, American bar at the Savoy etc?. Consistent cocktails, great bar snacks and never too busy. Other than that go and see where Matt Whiley (Talented Mr Fox) or Ruch Wood are tending.

Perfect Winter Party Menu


A simple, original and completely delicious menu dead set to impress your guests.

by Lulu Cox, chef at the Rochelle Canteen


Puntarelle, Kohlrabi & Blood Orange 

Crab, Monk’s Beard & Fennel Seeds 

Braised Rabbit, Potatoes , Anchovy and Rosemary 

Brussel Sprouts 

Seville Orange Tart 

image1 (42).jpeg

Braised Rabbit, Potato , Anchovy and Rosemary

Serves 6

6 x rabbit legs 

1 x tin best quality anchovies you can afford

1/2 bunch of rosemary 

4 garlic cloves, thinly sliced 

White wine , a good glass 

1 . 3 kg waxy potatoes, ideally Cyprus , peeled and cut with jagged edges 

Chicken stock 

Olive oil 

Black pepper 

  • Little tip - make sure all your veg is prepped before you start frying off the garlic .

Preheat the oven to 160. 

Heat the oil in a large saucepan. Season the legs with salt and pepper. Don’t crowd the legs, you’ll probably have to do it in batches. Brown on both sides until golden. Transfer to an ovenproof dish.

Whilst your rabbit is browning peel your garlic and thinly slice. Put to one side, pick the rosemary and finely chop. 

Once all the rabbit has been browned allow the pan to cool a little and add another good glug of olive oil.

Add the sliced garlic and rosemary, BE CAREFUL, if the oil is too hot the garlic will burn, and you’ll have to start again. You want a pale golden colour, no further. This should take a minute or two. 

Keeping your flame low add the anchovies, breaking them up with a wooden spoon or spatula allowing them to dissolve into a paste. 

Now add your potatoes making sure they are nicely coated in the anchovy mix. Once coated add a glass of white wine, allow the alcohol to burn off. You’ll be able to smell when the booze has come off. 

Add the mix to the ovenproof dish, making sure its fits nicely and pour over chicken stock so it’s half covered, add a good pinch of black pepper and cover tightly with tin foil. 

Place in the oven and check after 1hr , (it might take up to two), you want the rabbit to easily be pulled away from the bone, and for the potatoes to be cooked through. 

Make sure to serve plenty the rabbit with all the amazing cooking liquid!