RA Lates: Night at the Palace

We had a WONDERFUL night at The Royal Academy for the celebration of the Charles I exhibition. We popped up with our cocktail bars Betty and Shirley who loved serving cocktails in a opulent palace. 

Trip to Marrakech

We went to Marrakech for New Year and fell in love with the place. The food, souks, sunsets, design, craftsmanship, and 24 hour buzz made it a trip to remember!

Top Tips:

Dar Yacout - incredible pidgin pie, slow cooked lamb

El Fenn - beautiful, comfortable and show stopping views from the rooftop

Le Jardin - delicious lunch


Shirley at The Royal Academy

We had a wonderful time debut'ing Shirley, the latest addition to the Christabel's family, a metallic / mirrored bike cocktail bar. Shirley popped up at The Royal Academy, and wow o wow did she shimmer and shine in such a spectacular location ... 

Shirley the Bike Bar

We have had a lot of fun creating Shirley the newest member of the Christabel's Family - a beautiful bike cocktail bar which features a mirrored body, metallic chassis and harlequin mirrored / copper cocktail bar. 

Shirley is now ready for a party!  

Gunton Arms

We have just got back from an incredible weekend at The Gunton Arms in Norfolk.  The owner, Ivor Braka, an art dealer has created a place which is stylish, comfortable, relaxed and completely unique - we felt so at home that we really didn't want to leave! 

It is a very special place the Gunton Arms, the walls are laced with mind blowing art where you will find Damien Hirst's in the loos and Tracey Emin's in the dining room.  Not only is Gunton dripping in the most exciting art,  but it is also the home to some seriously delicious food -  Stu the head chef cooks from an open fire in the middle of the Elk room which is a show in itself - the venison and scallops come highly recommended! 

We walked the beautiful grounds of Gunton, ate, drank, and peeled ourselves away only once to catch some fish and chips in Cromer at No.1 Fish and Chips -  it sure did live up to its name. 

The perfect staycation! 


San Sebastian

We went to San Sebastian last weekend and our taste buds did not want to return! It's the perfect mini break - a beautiful small coastal town inhibiting the most incredible, unassuming pintxos bars and restaurants all serving mind blowing food. If you go, below are our top tips...


La Cuchara De San Telmo -  foie gras, baratta and clams, pork

Txeptexa - baby squid, anchovies

Ganbara - mushrooms with confit egg yolk

Borda Berri -  tuna, pork ribs, lobster ravioli

Koktoxa - michelin starred, expensive, but mind blowingly delicious and incredibly inventive.

La Bretxa Food Market - feast your eyes on the incredible fresh produce

Atari - best G + T



Ruby at The Royal Academy

Ruby had the time of her life at the RA Lates: Electric Forest Festival at The Royal Academy. Here she is slinging cocktails in her glad rags...

Colourful Cuba

We travelled around Cuba for two weeks in April and were completely blown away by the colours, atmosphere and community spirit amongst the locals. Below are a few moments we captured and our top tips...

Favourite Restaurants: La Guarida (Havana) , Otramanera (Havana) , El Cocinero (Havana), Santy's (Havana), La Esquinita - best Pina Colada (Vinales), Finca Paradiso (Vinales)

Do: Horse trek in Vinales, Open top car ride in Havana, see Jose Fuster's buildings in Havana, Revolution Museum in Havana, eat lobster and drink mojitos in Playa Jutias

Hidden Gem: Playa Jutias

Top Tip: Theres sporadic internet so best to switch off your phone, stay with locals, drink rum and explore

Cocktail Experiments

In light of our Summer series of cocktail masterclasses we got down to a bit of experimentation over the weekend with a whole host of seasonal vegetables, fruit, herbs and some saucy spirits.

Our findings were that pressed peas make for a fantastic Summers cocktail shaken with agave, lime and Sipsmith gin,  Margaritas are sky rocketed to the next level when the tequila is smoked and carrot, coriander and tequila are a dream team.

The shining star was our 'Sweet Pea' - freshly pressed peas, agave, lime and Sipsmith gin



Mar-tea-ni Masterclass

We hosted our 'Mad Hatters Mar-tea-ni Masterclass' on Saturday, a new concept which we have been working on with Black Cow Vodka (the worlds only pure milk vodka) and Tea Pigs tea to create a milk + tea martini masterclass! Our aim for this event is to create a fun, interactive experience which strips back the pretence of cocktail shaking and transforms it into something that people will learn is simple, fun and interesting when shaking and experimenting with different flavours.

Having been greeted with earl grey bubbles, guests were excited to investigate the table (littered with golden tea pots filled with Tea Pigs syrups, fresh fruit and veg,  Black Cow vodka bottles, tote bags, fabric pens and more fun surprises) and get shaking!

Jeremy demo'd a Rosemary + Orange Earl Grey Martini in order to show how the basic Martini is shaken. This was followed by a tasting of a shot of the unbelievably smooth Black Cow vodka and a bite of their velvety cheddar cheese - a real treat for the tastebuds.

The highlight was when guests got to shake up their own concoctions mixing up different herbs, fruits and tea syrups with the Black Cow vodka to form their very own bespoke mar-tea-ni, accompanied by DIY tea bags which were filled with different infusions.

We love seeing how creative people can get when they switch off from everyday life and get absorbed into alcohol fuelled creativity. The tote bags were a fun addition as they were scrawled over with designs and martini recipes, creating a bespoke recipe bag to take home - whoopla!

We have a few more surprises in store for the next: goo.gl/gEpYvg