Party Nails by Imarni

Imarni from Imarni Nails talks to us about how to pop with show stopping nails …

What was the inspiration behind you starting the fabulous Imarni nails?  

My inspiration came from observing the up and coming nail art industry but trying to blend it with wearable art for professionals.


Where do you get your ideas from for all your incredible nail art? 

 I can get my ideas from anywhere, like the other day I got the idea for ‘baby girl’ nails from the writing on the side of a mug!


What is your ultimate go to for a show stopping party nail? 

 During the last party season the party popper glitter nails were very popular and big gems are having another BLING revival right now.


What is the hottest nail colour for Spring / Summer?  

Bright poppy colours with embellishments are trending right now.

Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 15.43.09.png